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A Fun Day at the Park 23 April 2006

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It’s been a gorgeous wekend here in the Springs!  Saturday’s high was somewhere around 78 and today’s high was 82!  I spent both afternoons at the park, seeing as we’re supposed to have freezing rain and possibly snow on Monday and Tuesday.  Here are a few of the fun things I noticed…

* A youth group (at least that’s what it appeared to be) showed up at the park on Saturday afternoon lugging blocks of ice and towels.  I was confused, to say the least, but a few minutes later, I noticed they were sitting on the blocks of ice and sliding down the hill.  It looked *so* fun!  I might have to try it sometime.

* A guy walking around the lake wearing jeans, heavy leather work boots, a flannel shirt and a stocking cap…  Remember, it’s 80 degrees outside!

* An obviously unathletic couple attempting to play catch. *sniggers*

* A lady trying to play keep-away with her children while wearing high heeled shoes – FOUR inch heels!  She got smart real quick and took them off, though.  She’s lucky she didn’t twist her ankle. 


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