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Just the Usual Randomness 11 July 2006

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My work in Denver this afternoon ran late, so I called my friend Adam to see if he wanted to grab dinner before I headed home.  Rush hour traffic in Denver is a nightmare and I didn’t feel like fighting my way through all the road construction and the like.  Adam already had plans, but said I was welcome to come along.  What were those plans?  Playing ultimate frisbee with folks from church…  Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy a game of Ultimate.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know to bring extra clothes, so all I had were my work clothes.  And what did I choose to wear today, but an almost ankle-length skirt… 

This is “my” version of our little conversation… Which may or may not be what was actually said…

Adam:  Don’t you have anything to change into?
Laura:  *of course!* I always carry my entire wardrobe with me so that I will be prepared for any and every possible clothing situation that may or may not come up…
Adam: So you’re going to play in a skirt?
Laura:  Women did everything in skirts for thousands of years…  I think I’ll be okay…

Adam and I arrived before everyone else, so as the others arrived, I made sure to meet Adam’s friends.  I initially started to introduce myself by falling back on an old inside joke that Adam and I have shared since our freshman year of college, but he gave me “the eye” and I could tell he didn’t want me taking that route.  After being forced to nix plan A, I decided to mess with people’s heads and have some fun.  After all, how many of them were going to remember my name…  They were going to remember me as “the crazy girl who played ultimate frisbee in a skirt.”  So…  As I met each of Adam’s friends, I asked their name and then reciprocated by saying,  “my name is Laura, but you can call me Melissa if you want.”  It threw people for a loop, and a puzzled expression would cross their face.  A few of them asked which, and so I explained, but some of the others never said anything…  It was quite humorous. 

We played for about an hour and my team won 10-4 or something like that…  It was fun stuff!


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