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Balloons at the Mall 30 October 2006

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So…  Last night at the mall, there was this gal walking around with balloons tied to her purse strap, oblivious to the stares she was getting.  This wasn’t just any girl, however, this girl was yours truly.  How did I wind up wandering the mall with balloons floating around my head?  Well, that’s a funny story…

 My birthday was last week, and I had a coupon for a free burger from Red Robin.  It was set to expire in a few days, so I convinced Vickie to join me for dinner.  We were seated at one of the fun, round bar tables, and a few minutes after we were seated, our waiter Mike came by to take our orders.  I knew what I watned, but Vickie hadn’t been able to make up her mind, so Mike teased her a bit and returned a few minutes later to take our order.  When he took our order, I made sure to show him my coupon so I wouldn’t forget to later on. 

 Our burgers eventually arrived, but I didn’t receive any french fries.  I asked the gal who brought our food, but she never returned, so I flagged down Mike.  He apologized, and promptly brought a basket of fries to the table.  Unfortunately, when I asked for my fries, I forgot to ask him to bring ranch dressing with them.  Oops!  When I requested the dressing, he jokingly made it into a big deal, complaining about how much work I was causing him.  When he returned with the dressing, however, he bowed slightly and said “happy birthday.”  Of course, I gratefully thanked him.  He returned a few more times, as waiters are wont to, and Vickie will probably tell you that I was flirting with him, but I will claim that I was just being my normal, friendly self…  Of course, then I had to share my story of the time Vicky, Kenton, and I ended up getting $10 worth of free food from our Red Robin waiter (Vicky and Kenton will probably tell you I was flirting with that waiter, too, but I still claim I was only being friendly).  I forgot to tell her about the time Megs and I got a free drink (no flirting on this one – our waiter was just lazy). 

Anyway, back to my story…  As we were getting ready to head out (check, boxes for leftovers, etc.), Mike arrived with a dish of ice cream, two balloons, and several fellow employees in tow.  Much to my embarrassment (especially because we never requested it) they proceeded to sing the Red Robin version of Happy Birthday for me.  To keep the balloons from floating away while I was eating my ice cream, I tied them to my purse strap in what was supposed to be a slip knot. 

Vickie and I left the restaurant, to head over to the mall across the street to do some last minute shopping for my Halloween costume for work.  I planned to leave the balloons in my car along with my leftovers.  However, the knot I tied turned out to be a non-slip knot, and I couldn’t manage to get it untied.  The wind and 35-ish degree temperatures certainly didn’t help my case, so Vickie asked, “why don’t you just leave them on your purse?”  I balked at first, but decided it would be rather fun to walk around the mall with the balloons tied to my purse.  It was fun, actually.  😀  I did get some funny looks from people, after all, how many 28 y/o gals with balloons tied to her purse have you seen at the mall? 

I wonder if I managed to be the subject of someone else’s “people watching” blog?  What do you think?


It’s All Jenny’s Fault 29 October 2006

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So…  My friend Jenny has been bugging me for a while now that I need a “real” blog.  If you’ve not figured it out already, I’ve finally buckled under pressure.  I won’t promise to post here on a daily basis, but we’ll see what happens.  I’ve added a few posts from my previous blog so that y’all won’t be bored (at least not right away)…


WORLD SERIES CHAMPS! 27 October 2006

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WOO HOO!!!  As most of you know, I’ve been closely following the World Series, seeing as I bleed Cardinal Red, and have been a HUGE fan since I was just a kid.  I’m super excited that we won the Series tonight – first time in 24 years! 


The Cardinals fans are well-known for creating an electric atmosphere (they don’t call it “Baseball Heaven” for nothing) and they always have the best signs.  There have been some especially amusing signs the past couple evenings, so I thought I’d share a sampling.
Disclaimer: most of these only make sense if you’ve been following the seires.

1. Hit it to the pitcher!

2. The Experts are Idiots!

3. Cold night, hot soup

4. not a sign, but a plush Fredbird holding a small stuffed tiger in its mouth.

5. One Eck of a year!

6. Retaliate for ’68

7. The Cards are Rockin’ and Rolen

8. Dream Weaver

9. If it’s Wainwright you can’t go wrong

10. Wainwright goes right Adam

11. It REIGNS in St. Louis tonight!

12. Jack, can we go crazy now?

P.S.  Eckstein won the MVP award, and and a brand new Corvette comes with the award.  In the interview, he mentioned that he’s never had a brand new car before.  I was totally blown away, and also incrediby impressed.  This is a guy who makes millions of dollars a year (if I remember correctly, he made $3.5 million this season) and yet he’s never purchased a brand new car.  How incredible is that??


People Watching 20 October 2006

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So, my friend Mandi and I were at the mall in Denver last Saturday, and as we were walking around, we saw this guy…  He had spiky hair with the ends bleached blonde.  His vneck sweater had thin horizontal stripes in about ten shades of pink, and that pink sweater was tucked into a pair of hot pink, yes HOT pink corduroy pants, with a white belt. 

Mandi and I just kinda looked at each other as he walked past, trying not to stare too much…  Once he was past, I turned to Mandi and quipped ‘he might as well be wearing a sign saying “I am gay.”‘  It was too funny!