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WORLD SERIES CHAMPS! 27 October 2006

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WOO HOO!!!  As most of you know, I’ve been closely following the World Series, seeing as I bleed Cardinal Red, and have been a HUGE fan since I was just a kid.  I’m super excited that we won the Series tonight – first time in 24 years! 


The Cardinals fans are well-known for creating an electric atmosphere (they don’t call it “Baseball Heaven” for nothing) and they always have the best signs.  There have been some especially amusing signs the past couple evenings, so I thought I’d share a sampling.
Disclaimer: most of these only make sense if you’ve been following the seires.

1. Hit it to the pitcher!

2. The Experts are Idiots!

3. Cold night, hot soup

4. not a sign, but a plush Fredbird holding a small stuffed tiger in its mouth.

5. One Eck of a year!

6. Retaliate for ’68

7. The Cards are Rockin’ and Rolen

8. Dream Weaver

9. If it’s Wainwright you can’t go wrong

10. Wainwright goes right Adam

11. It REIGNS in St. Louis tonight!

12. Jack, can we go crazy now?

P.S.  Eckstein won the MVP award, and and a brand new Corvette comes with the award.  In the interview, he mentioned that he’s never had a brand new car before.  I was totally blown away, and also incrediby impressed.  This is a guy who makes millions of dollars a year (if I remember correctly, he made $3.5 million this season) and yet he’s never purchased a brand new car.  How incredible is that??


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