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Brayton is Home :-D 26 November 2006

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My nephew got to go home on Wednesday night.¬† Rachel said the first night was terrible, but after that he’s slept at least five hours straight which is awesome considering he’s not even two weeks old ūüėÄ

The doctors say that he has a heart murmur, and he¬†also has a problem with his digestive tract.¬† His epiglottis¬†doesn’t close properly, and so he is more prone to spitting up than most babies.¬† He also has to sleep on an incline to help him keep his food down.¬† Both of these are fairly common, and they often repair themselves over time.

I’d just like to thank all of you for your prayers – they were much appreciated!


Newest Update 19 November 2006

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Well, we found out yesterday that Brayton has pneumonia.¬† It developed because his body didn’t absorb the excess amniotic fluid properly.¬† He is back in the ICN an is on a seven-day course of antibiotics.¬† The doctors say the earliest he will be able to go home is Thanksgiving day (what a thing to be thankful for!).¬† Anyway…¬† Rachel is having a hard time with this because Brayton was full-term, and there were no complications, etc.¬† Its’ really hard for her to have to see him in the ICN, knowing that there wasn’t anything she could have done differently, etc., so be sure to keep her in your prayers, too.¬† Thanks!


UPDATE: My Nephew 16 November 2006

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I talked to my sister Rachel on Tuesday night and found out that my mom had told me wrong.¬† Brayton was in the ICN for six HOURS, not six DAYS.¬† He’s doing fine, now.¬† He apparently had a little bit of trouble adjusting to having to breathe on his own, but it’s a fairly common occurrance.¬† They only put him in the ICN because they could monitor him more closely there.¬† Hopefully I’ll have pictures to post in a few days.¬† Thanks for your prayers!


Prayer Request 14 November 2006

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My newest nephew – Brayton¬†Thomas – was born this afternoon (Tues, 11/14)¬†at 1pm.¬† He was 8lbs and 5oz (I think), and mom forgot to tell me how long he was…

My sister Rachel is doing fine, but Brayton’s¬†breathing was very shallow, so he wasn’t getting enough oxygen.¬† The doctors¬†have¬†admitted him to the¬†ICN for monitoring, and they¬†expect he will stay there for about six days.¬† Please keep him in your prayers, and also pray for Rachel, Luke, Colton and Triston, as I know this will be hard on them. Thanks ūüėĬ† I’ll post an update when I can.¬†


Nerd Alert! 11 November 2006

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So…¬† I discovered today that there are two different systems for naming large numbers.¬† The American system, and the English system.¬† How this math major never learned about the two different systems in five years of studing math is beyond me, however, I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised.¬† After all, we Americans refuse to standardize and use the metric system like the rest of the world.¬†

Anyway…¬† Without further ado, I present the data table for the two numbering systems for your learning pleasure.¬† ūüėĬ†¬†

American:                           Number                  Notation

Thousand                                             1,000       10^3
Million                                           1,000,000       10^6
Billion                                     1,000,000,000       10^9
Trillion                            1,000,000,000,000       10^12
Quadrillion               1,000,000,000,000,000       10^15
Quintillion          1,000,000,000,000,000,000       10^18


Thousand                                             1,000       10^3           
Million                                           1,000,000       10^6            
Thousand Million                     1,000,000,000       10^9  
Billion                              1,000,000,000,000       10^12
Thousand Billion        1,000,000,000,000,000       10^15  
Trillion               1,000,000,000,000,000,000       10^18 


Brewster’s Millions, revisited…

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I betcha the dude didn’t put a return address on his envelope b/c he has to keep his quest a secret…


Random Search Terms, Volume 1 8 November 2006

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Someone I know occasionally posts the search terms that folks used to find his website so I thought I’d share mine as well…

So far this week folks have found my blog using the following search terms:

  • laura boring
  • slip knot for balloons