Almost Never Boring…

and often easily amused

Mini-vacation… 7 November 2006

Filed under: People Watching,Randomness,Sports — laughinglaura @ 0:06

Spent the weekend at Copper Mountain with five other gals.  We hung out in the condo, did some exploring in the village, went snowshoeing and watched the entire six hour A&E Pride & Prejudice miniseries in one sitting.  I watched the entire thing over the course of a weekend, once, but I’d never watched it all in just one day.  Snowshoeing is incredibly fun and I think everyone should try it at least once!  Hopefully I’ll have a couple pictures from Julie to share before too long…

And one other thing…  We could see the ski slopes from our condo, and I really enjoyed sitting around and watching the skiiers and boarders.  I especially enjoyed watching people fall – does that make me a bad person?


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