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Hodge Podge… 8 November 2006

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Just a few random things that I’ve been meaning to post here… 

I came home from my mini-vacation to find one my first “and guest” invitation of the season…  blarg…  When one doesn’t have a permanant “and guest” to drag along, it can be rather annoying.  Luckily, I convinced a friend to come with me (the words “free food” and “fancy Italian restaurant” work magic), so I’m looking forward to it now 😀

They are doing a lot of road construction on my way to work, and the construction guys park their trucks off to the side of the road…  Z71s, F150s, Rams, and a lone silver PT Cruiser with red airbrush graphic detail on the side…  It makes me laugh.

 On Sunday morning, I went to church with some friends in Denver.  While Adam and I were waiting for the others to be ready to head to lunch, some guy who Adam is friends with came over and said “so, this must be your girlfriend?”  Adam chuckled a bit and told him that we’re old college friends.

Monday I found out that I can get a corporate-rate YMCA membership, AND, that my company will reimburse me for half of my dues.  Nifty, eh?  Especially b/c Vickie and I were already planning to join together so we can play racquetball.  I’m really excited because I *love* racquetball, and no one who I know here in town plays… 


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