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Random Search Terms, Volume 2.1 21 December 2006

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As you may recall, from  Volume 2, someone or other found my blog using the search term

  • How to properly address two married doctors

Well, I checked my blog stats today (I’m totally addicted) and lo and behold, someone else found me using the search term

  • how to address two doctors who are married

I hope my anonymous visitor from California found the link I provided to be helpful.


Funny video!

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GRRRR – Stupid Blizzard! 20 December 2006

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So, I was supposed to fly home today, but Colorado has been hit with a lovely blizzard…  All flights out of Denver to Kansas City (where I”m connecting to) have been cancelled.  I spent two hours this morning trying to get through to a United representative via their toll free customer service hotline, however, every time I try, I either get kicked out or get a busy signal.  I am going to try again later on this afternoon, but it has been really frustrating.  Especially because changes have to be made by midnight tonight and I’ve had no luck getting through to them…  I did send an email complaint through their website but I doubt that’s going to do much good right now as they’re probably inundated…

UPDATE:  I was finally able to get a hold of the folks at United around 1:30pm.  I have a new flight out but it doesn’t leave until Friday night.  At least I have a flight, though, because the Denver airport isn’t expected to reopen until Thursday evening – craziness!


Balloons at the Mall, Revisited 17 December 2006

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As you may recall, my friend Vickie claims that my Balloons at the Mall story wasn’t entirely truthful.  She has finally gotten around to posting her version of the events:

If you missed reading my side of the story the first time around, or you don’t remember how it went, you can find it here:


The Iraq War has a Face… 15 December 2006

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 I learned yesterday that a guy I went to college with, Micah Gifford, was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq last week.  We had several mutual friends, but I didn’t know him all that well.  I do remember that he always had a smile on his face.  I’ve known several other people who have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan, but they have all come back unharmed.  The war is so much more real now.  Please pray for the Gifford family.

A website has been set up for those who wish to share memories of Micah or to leave messages for his family.  The address is:


Random Search Terms, Volume 2 13 December 2006

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Today I had a visit that resulted from an especially odd google search term…

  • How to properly address two married doctors

Exactly how they were linked to my blog with that search term escapes me… But, just in case someone else arrives at my blog looking for that particuar information, I felt obligated to include the following link: Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the proper form of address.


Ugh, glitter 11 December 2006

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Today at work, we got a package of christmas cards covered in glitter.  It was all over the envelope they arrived in, and when I opened the package it ended up all over my desk, my clothes, and my hands.  UGH!  It took me forever to get it all cleaned up.

 Reason number 23716 that I wouldn’t make a very good girl-mom:  “Glitter is of the devil.”

UPDATE – Thursday 12/14:  I found glitter on my hands today after handling some papers that have been sitting around on my desk.  Why won’t it just go away?