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One-sided friendships… 11 December 2006

Filed under: Rants — laughinglaura @ 0:04

I was talking with my friend Jenny today, mentioning I’d called a friend today, but he didn’t call back, which is much par for the course where he is concerned.  She said it sounded like it’s one of those friendships where you are the person’s friend, but they’re not really your friend.  I have to admit, she’s probably right.  I’ve known this for quite a while, but it never really gets easier, yakno?  After all, it’s no fun to always be the giver but never the receiver.  It’s also frustrating to know that you’re getting no real return on the investment of time you made to build the friendship.  The hard thing is trying to decide whether or not to even remain his friend…

Thoughts, anyone? Has this happened to you?  How have you/would you deal with it?


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