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Random Search Terms, Volume 2 13 December 2006

Filed under: Random Search Terms — laughinglaura @ 22:31

Today I had a visit that resulted from an especially odd google search term…

  • How to properly address two married doctors

Exactly how they were linked to my blog with that search term escapes me… But, just in case someone else arrives at my blog looking for that particuar information, I felt obligated to include the following link: Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the proper form of address.


3 Responses to “Random Search Terms, Volume 2”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Thanks for the info!! I might even bookmark the link cause I have questions about how to address certain people at various times. Random…but valuable! LOL

  2. No problem, my dear, glad I could help ya out! And of course it’s random… I posted it, what else would it be? 😉

  3. […] As you may recall, from  Volume 2, someone or other found my blog using the search term […]

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