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Balloons at the Mall, Revisited 17 December 2006

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As you may recall, my friend Vickie claims that my Balloons at the Mall story wasn’t entirely truthful.  She has finally gotten around to posting her version of the events:

If you missed reading my side of the story the first time around, or you don’t remember how it went, you can find it here:


2 Responses to “Balloons at the Mall, Revisited”

  1. Vickie Says:

    We have to plan the next wild and crazy thing that we do, and both of us shall have to write our accounts at the same time. This will allow us both great amusement, as well as the opportunity to increase our readership. And I will be able to be more accurate. 😀 I don’t know about you, but I’m up for visiting a few places in some of my new hats. The pirate hat, the mosquito hat, the self-flopping Santa Hat, the Bah-Humbug hat . . . of course we might want to wait a couple months to wear the Christmas ones. Just wouldn’t have the same effect right now. 😀

  2. I tried to get you to write up your account sooner, but you were too lazy to. So, not my fault 😛

    I don’t usually do hats, but I think it could definitely be a lot of fun to wear random hats around. I also enjoy wearing t-shirts with random sayings. One of my favorites is from back when I was in college. It’s white with the words “I GOT STOMPED” in large block letters. Lots of people actually ask me about that one when I wear it.

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