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GRRRR – Stupid Blizzard! 20 December 2006

Filed under: News,Rants,Travel — laughinglaura @ 12:24

So, I was supposed to fly home today, but Colorado has been hit with a lovely blizzard…  All flights out of Denver to Kansas City (where I”m connecting to) have been cancelled.  I spent two hours this morning trying to get through to a United representative via their toll free customer service hotline, however, every time I try, I either get kicked out or get a busy signal.  I am going to try again later on this afternoon, but it has been really frustrating.  Especially because changes have to be made by midnight tonight and I’ve had no luck getting through to them…  I did send an email complaint through their website but I doubt that’s going to do much good right now as they’re probably inundated…

UPDATE:  I was finally able to get a hold of the folks at United around 1:30pm.  I have a new flight out but it doesn’t leave until Friday night.  At least I have a flight, though, because the Denver airport isn’t expected to reopen until Thursday evening – craziness!


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