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I *heart* Netflix 10 February 2007

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I love my Netflix subscription.  It’s so easy to use, and the variety of movies available is amazing.  I am definitely addicted – I’m on the two at a time, unlimited, plan, and I have 232 movies in my queue.  It’s gonna take me ages to get through all those…  I’m hoping that the watch it now feature will be enabled on my account soon.  I’ve heard that some folks I know already have it *pouts*

 Anyway, now for the purpose of this post.  I was recently introduced to the “friends” feature, which is pretty cool.  Sadly, though, I currently only have one Netflix friend.  😦  So, if you Netflix, feel free to add me using the following link:


3 Responses to “I *heart* Netflix”

  1. tuffy Says:

    hey laura…

    i totally dig netflix, too. i’m sitting at about 200 movies in my queue as well. i was on the three at a time plan, but now that i’m working normal hours i’m having a lot harder time watching the movies, so i’m back down to the 2 at a time.

    i got the watch it now tab last week. its pretty cool, but no substitute for having the dvds. it seems to me to be something good for if you’re sitting around with absolutely nothing to do. the selection isn’t real good. some decent movies, but mostly b stuff.

    enjoy the movie watching…

    much love,


  2. One thing I love about Netflix is you can switch back and forth between plans so easily. I’m house-sitting for some folks who don’t have TV at the end of the month, and I’m going to up my plan to three at a time for that week and a half that I’ll be there.

    Video over the web just isn’t anywhere near the quality of DVD video, due to weaknesses in data transmission, BUT, I’m still jealous that other folks have “Watch it Now” and I dont, yet… 😛

  3. tuffy Says:

    yeah, i totally dig the plan switching too. very cool.

    they say that if you’re on a fast enough connection you’ll get nearly dvd quality video. the bummer is their server won’t give that to me. i’m on a 4mbs connection, which is more than they say they need… and when i test my speeds i average over 3… but when i go on netflix they think i’m running less than 500kbs. seems to have the same problem. da bums.

    much love,


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