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Weird dream… 18 February 2007

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So, last week I had a really weird dream…  I dreamed that while I was home in Missouri, visiting my family over Christmas, I received an engagement ring in the mail.  It was a beautiful ring – large (prob 1.5 ct minimum), deep blue, oval sapphire set sideways and surrounded by diamonds.  The envelope had a return address, but no name.  I remember that in my dream I did a reverse address search, but that the address was unlisted.  I also remember that the guy lived in a Texas city with a name that started with a C.  In my dream I was confused as to the origin of the ring, and why someone would send it to me, though I instinctively knew it was an engagment ring, so I’m pretty sure I wasn’t dating anyone when I received the ring.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share that with y’all…  And if any of you happen to know an attractive, financially stable, emotionally mature, single guy with a well-developed sense of humor and a love for racquetball who lives in Texas in a city beginning with a C…  Well, I’d appreciate it if you’d pass along my contact info.  *laughs*  Thanks!


One Response to “Weird dream…”

  1. Vickie Says:

    It would appear, if all is accurate, that he already *has* your contact info. Although . . . hmmmm. If all he has is your family’s address, that could be a valid need. That just makes it extra creepy though. He doesn’t know your address, but he *does* know your vacation schedule . . . you sure you want to meet this guy?

    On a completely unrelated note, I hate fruit flies.

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