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Random Search Terms, Volume 3.0 9 March 2007

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It’s been a while since I posted these, so here you go.  😀

  • plush fredbird – good thing it wasn’t “lush” fredbird…
  • play in a skirt – gotta wonder what they’re wanting to play
  • find how to learn to speak slowly – dude, I’m definitely not the person to ask
  • The Unanswered Prayers – maybe Dave Barry is doing some research on a name for a new rock band?
  • wash boring identify – I’m at a loss as to what the heck these folks were trying to find
  • Zac devised a shortcut – I hope these folks figured out that Zac’s shortcut wasn’t all it was cracked up to be

AND my favorite…

  • ten test tube experiement answers – from a student at the University of Louisville, KY, which came just a few minutes after I had blogged about the ten test tube experiment I did when I was in college.

I continue to receive multiple visits from folks wanting to know how to properly address two married doctors.  Because this seems to be quite the popular topic, I feel the need to once again provide a link for those inquiring minds who want to know.


2 Responses to “Random Search Terms, Volume 3.0”

  1. indie Says:

    “find how to learn to speak slowly – dude, I’m definitely not the person to ask”

    I got a laugh out of that. It made me hearken back to our college days.

  2. True, true, though I have to say… I’ve been told by several folks who I’ve run into since then, that I’ve “settled down a lot” or that I “seem a lot more laid-back and less uptight” than I did in college. Guess that’s what a high altitude-low oxygen enviromnent does to the brain, eh? 😛

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