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Hidden Blessings… 16 March 2007

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Tonight I finally got into spring cleaning mode.  So far, I think my house looks even worse than it did when I started, but there is method to the madness, and there are already a few organized areas amongst the chaos.  One of the many tasks I accomplished tonight was sorting through all of the old mail that had been tossed into my “mail basket” where I put items that need to be shredded rather than just thrown away.  As I was sorting through this mail, I ran across a pay envelope from the temp company I worked for over a year ago that had never been opened.  I always have my paycheck directly deposited into my checking account, so I knew it wasn’t a check.  For some reason, I decided to open the envelope before throwing it away.  When I opened the envelope, I found a note congratulating me on being chosen as one ofthe employees of the month, and included in the envelope was a $20 gift card to Target!  I was shocked!  Especially because I almost threw the envelope away without even opening it.  Crazy!

 I’m sure there are all sorts of thought-provoking parallells one could draw from this story, but yours truly is too tired to come up with any this evening.  However, please feel free to share your own, and maybe I’ll come up with some once I’m not so tired.


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