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Memories of fun times… 31 March 2007

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I was talking to a friend this evening, and something he said reminded me of the following story.  I told him about it, and thought y’all might like to hear it too.  😀

When I worked at Yellowstone, my friend Ryan had a blue enamel pot for making stew and whatnot while he was camping.  One day he left it in the laundry room (there was a big sink in there that folks would use to wash dishes) and when I found it there, I washed it and took it back to my office so that it wouldn’t get stolen.  Then I left a note on his door letting him know that his “pan” was in my office and he should come get it.  When he got off work and found the note, Ryan dropped into the office to pick up his pot, but made a big deal of informing me that it was a “pot” not a “pan.”  I told him that I had put “pan” instead of “pot” because of the obvious connotations associated with the word, but Ryan insisted I should call it by its proper name.  The next day I left a note on his door that said “Ryan, thanks for getting your pot out of the office, I was rather uncomfortable storing it for you,” (or something along those lines).  Ryan thought it was quite funny, and he ended up leaving it on his door for quite some time. 

And as long as I’ve told a story about Yellowstone, I might as well share a couple pictures…  Ryan is the guy in the blue shirt on the very top of the stack in the first photo.

Yellowstone Stack

Yellowstone Wigs


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