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Random Search Terms, volume 4.0 18 April 2007

Filed under: Random Search Terms — laughinglaura @ 21:34

I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t really had time to actually write a post…  I figured I needed to post something, though, so here is the latest set of random search terms.  

One odd thing to note…  I’ve not received a single search for how to address two married doctors since I posted my last edition of random search terms…  I guess folks have finally realized that I’m not an etiquette expert…

  • gary larsen chem lab
  • – um, if you knew the address, why did you search?
  • funny math problems answers verizon check
  • “ten test tube” answers
  • “learn to speak more slowly”
  • boring 20 dollars experiment
  • “the far side” scientists acid
  • far side science test
  • never boring
  • funny chemistry experiment

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