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Fun dates… 6 May 2007

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No, not that kind of dates… 

As some of you may, or may not have realized, today was 05/06/07, and just after 2:00 this morning, it was 02:03:04 05/06/07.  Being a math major, I experience a somewhat nerdy pleasure in finding number patterns, and days like today can seem a bit more “special” than others…  Go ahead, roll your eyes, I know I’m a nerd…  😛  Another special day this year is 07/07/07.  It happens to fall on a Saturday, and I read an article recently that it’s the most popular date for weddings in several years.  I can attest to this, as I have two friends getting married on that day.

Anyway…  I was bored last night, and decided to run a check and see what days the other “pattern” dates fall on…  Here are a few that I found…  If you’re a fellow “number nerd” and you’re single, you might want to bookmark this post for future reference *wink*

Note: I omitted “multiplication dates” (02/05/10 ~ 2*5 =10) for the sake of brevity…  Well, that, and because I didn’t want to bore y’all any more than necessary.

  • 09/08/07 – Saturday
  • 02/04/08 –  Monday
  • 04/06/08 –  Sunday
  • 06/07/08 – Saturday
  • 08/08/08 – Friday
  • 10/09/08 – Thursday
  • 03/06/09 – Friday
  • 07/08/09 – Wednesday
  • 09/09/09 – Wednesday
  • 11/10/09 – Tuesday
  • 06/08/10 – Tuesday
  • 08/09/10 – Monday
  • 10/01/10 – Friday
  • 10/10/10 – Sunday
  • 12/11/10 – Saturday
  • 09/10/11 – Saturday
  • 11/11/11 – Friday
  • 04/08/12 – Sunday
  • 08/10/12 – Friday
  • 10/11/12 – Thursday
  • 12/12/12 – Wednesday

One funny thing…  My friend Jenny had a fun suggestion…  Have a morning wedding on Saturday November 11, 2011, and time the wedding so that the pronouncement happens at 11:11am.  Then you could say you were married at 11:11 11/11/11.  Or if you wanted to be even more specific and get down to hundredths of a second, 11:11:11 11/11/11.

I know, I know…  I obviously have way too much time on my hands 😛


11 Responses to “Fun dates…”

  1. tuffy Says:

    i hate to admit i’ve done similar things. i used to be a math teacher, so i guess i qualify as number nerd, too. at any rate, i already have plans on 11/11/11. i’ve told all my friends i’m having a “this one goes to 11” party, and we’re watching spinal tap… i hope to even time it so the line hits at 11:11.

    much love,


  2. ucjd Says:

    i’m planning to be married on 11/11/11. the numbers 11 11 11 were recently painted over the door in our home. the ones are in the shape of columns…

  3. LOL! Great list! 🙂

    May I also had 14 March 2015 (3-14-15, or the first five digits of pi)?

  4. Oh, most definitely bromophile! 😀

    Cosine, secant, tangent, sine,
    three point one four one five nine!

  5. Joan Says:

    I’m not a math nerd, but some of my friends and I have been planning an 11/11 party for years. Supposedly somebody’s supposed to have 11 kids by then (NOT); we’re supposed to have it in the 11th state added to our country (whichever one that is); it starts at 11 am and ends at 11 pm; I think they came up with some other stuff that I can’t remember right now…

  6. The 11th state is New York, which ratified the Constitution on Saturday, July 26, 1788. I think NYC would be a good place for an 11/11/11 party 😀

  7. Laura Says:

    I am getting married on 11/11/11!!

  8. Amanda Says:

    I’m also getting married 11/11/11… I can’t quite figure out how to get the pronouncement made at 11:11 though, since 11/11/11 is on a Friday… most of the guests would be at work – unless it was a late night ceremony?

  9. Meredyth Says:

    I’m also getting married on 11/11/11 – I just realized too that this means my fiance and I will have a day off for every anniversary since it’s Veteran’s day!!!
    And while it’s a Friday, no one has to take off work! (unless they work a schedule other than 8-5, m-f.
    yay for 11/11/11!!


    I’m also getting married on 11-11-11, and recently found 3 ppl around me (not imidiate circle) that are also getting married on that date.

  11. twpfromtn Says:

    YAY! im also getting married on 11/11/11 at 11am btw. Veterans day so ill always be off work on our anniversary!!!

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