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Unnerving… 25 May 2007

Filed under: Funny Stuff,Randomness,Rants — laughinglaura @ 11:46

I’m housesitting this weekend, and the house I’m at was built in the 80’s and has the typical 80’s architecture.  High ceilings, fairly open floorplan, a skylight…  The weird thing is, the skylight is in the bathroom, and it’s located directly over the toilet.  I find this rather unnerving… 


4 Responses to “Unnerving…”

  1. themrs07 Says:

    […]it’s located directly over the toilet.[…]

    Well, the toilet is commonly referred to as the porcelain God you know. The skylight just gives it that ‘Alleluiah’! feel. 😉

  2. lindaintennessee Says:

    I am babysitting the couch till time to go to work.

  3. lindaintennessee Says:

    That would be rather nerving.

  4. dew Says:

    Weird, I just housesat last week for some friends that have a bathroom just like that with the skylight.

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