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Just plain weird… 22 August 2007

Filed under: Funny Stuff,Randomness — laughinglaura @ 23:06

I forget how I happened across this story, but anyway…  Back in 1945, a farmer’s wife wanted to make up a chicken for dinner…  The farmer went out, sharpened his axe, and went to chop off the head of one of their chickens.  Strangely enough, the chicken didn’t die when his head was chopped off, but lived for another 18 months.  I know it’s hard to believe, but check out the story here before you come to any conclusions:  Apparently, the farmer left the chicken’s brain stem mostly intact, which allowed the chicken to continue to function. 


One Response to “Just plain weird…”

  1. lindaintennessee Says:

    I read that story. Something about a headless chicken living is a little gruesome.

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