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Getting stopped… 27 August 2007

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A friend of mine posted today about his experience getting stopped (click here), which reminded me of a couple “funny” experiences that I’ve had.  I posted this as a comment to his post, but I thought you guys might enjoy it as well…

 I was driving from COS to SGF one night and somewhere in the middle of KS, around 9pm, I noticed about four different state troopers with people stopped, within about a mile and a half.  I slowed down to exactly the speed limit, and was careful to move over into the left lane like you’re supposed to when you pass a cop car…  That didn’t do any good, and I ended up getting stopped anyway, even though I hadn’t done anything.  The dude went through the usual routine, took my licence, etc.  And when he came back, he said he was going to let me go with just a warning for “failure to monitor.”  As soon as he pulled out back onto the highway, he stopped the next car he saw.  It was so lame.

Another time, I was on the Air Force Academy, driving home after going bowling with friends.  The edges of the lanes aren’t marked very well, it was dark there were no street lights, so I was following the center line.  I realized that in doing so, I wound up in a left turn lane by accident, so I signaled to pull right, back into the main traffic lane, and continued on my way.  When I reached the end of the road, the flashing lights came on behind me.  And not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR cop cars stopped me…  A FIFTH cam up with lights and sirens going but went on their way when they saw the other four.  Apparently, the car a little ways behind me was one of the Academy police officers and when he saw me “weave” across lanes, he thought I might be drunk or something.  Riiiiiiiiiight, like drunk people have the presense of mind to signal before merging back into the correct lane.  I didn’t even get a warning for that one, but I did help stave off the boredom that the Academy cops deal with on a regular basis…

I have another funny story involving a late night trip to Memphis, but I’ll have to save that for later when I’m in the mood for telling it…


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