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Case of the Mondays… 8 October 2007

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Today was one of *those* days at work…  I had two items on my agenda for the day, that’s right, two…  How many of those did I finish during the six and a half hours I was at work when everyone else was there?  Zero, yup, you read that right, ZERO…  Every time I started working on them (or eventried to start working on them) someone would come over with a question, a request, or something that required my attention… 

 It got so bad that I even had to dump a couple problems on a co-worker (which I try not to do) by telling him that if he wanted me to take care of *his* project (one of my two to-do items) that he would have to help solve my problem that I didn’t have time for.  Lucky for him, it only took about three minutes to solve my problem.  Unlucky for me, it took me an hour and a half to finish the project I was doing for him.  Even worse for me, the hour and a half it took to finish the problem was work from home late this evening, bringing my grand total of hours to 10.18…

I don’t mind helping others at work, and I’ve been functioning for the past year, and some, as one person doing the work of three people, so I’m used to being busy all the time.  But this new situation we’re in at the moment is leaving me totally overwhelmed.  Lately I’ve had to fight back the urge to stand up on my desk and shout, “I’m one person, not five!”  In five official work days so far this pay period, I’ve worked 52.5 hours…  If I had worked just the “normal” work-hours, I would have 43.75 (we work 8.75 hour days).  This is an extra 8.75 hours, so far…  I could decide to skip work one day this week and I’d still have enough hours in, and believe me, I’m sorely tempted to do just that… 

Don’t get me wrong – I really enjoy my job and all, but these past couple weeks I’ve just been getting BURNED OUT!


I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog, already in progress…


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