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Randomness… 10 November 2007

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So… I apparently have an uncanny knack for random run-ins…  A few weeks ago when I was in OK, I went to church with my friend Marty on Sunday morning.  While there, I ran into some friends who I used to attend church with here in CO who moved to AR about six months ago.  That’s right, I live in CO, they live in AR and we ran into each other in OK.  Small world…  Run-ins at church happen to me a lot, though…  I think a lot of it has to do with attending a private, Christian university

 HOWEVER, just this morning while at the airport checking in for my flight (I’m flying to Charleston, SC for work), I ran into some folks who I house-sit for.  What’s even funnier, I still had their key from when I house-sat for them a couple weeks ago, and they still owed me $$.  I had been trying to get in touch with them, but was unable to and they apparently never received my messages.  I was able to give them their key and they paid me for house-sitting.  How random!


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