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Stupid People… 20 January 2008

Filed under: Funny Stuff,People Watching,Randomness,Rants — laughinglaura @ 0:21

Question:  What is even more stupid than talking on your cell phone while driving?  (Note: I talk on my cell while driving, though I usually use my bluetooth headset, which has shown to be safer than holding the actual phone)

 Answer:  Talking on your cell while driving while petting your toy poodle sitting in your lap.  (Note: the petting was happening at a stop light, but I still think it’s incredibly stupid to drive around with a dog on your lap.)


One Response to “Stupid People…”

  1. Chelf Says:

    I have seen a lady trying to merge onto the highway, while reading the Catholic Catechism (!seriously!) to her children in the back of the van.

    If that doesn’t scare the “hell” out of you….nothing will.

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