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I’m so excited… 21 January 2008

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Some of you may remember the youtube video I posted last month  of the Twelve days of Christmas, sung by Straight No Chaser…  Well, last night I ordered the DVD of the full performance which the song is from.  It’s on backorder, and won’t arrive until mid-February, but I’m totally looking forward to its arrival!  😀 

 I also found out that they are doing a performance in Denver next month and I’m going to try to snag a ticket.  Unfortunately, the original members (featured in the video) are no longer performing with the group, but I still think it’d be lots of fun. 


3 Responses to “I’m so excited…”

  1. Suezque Says:

    How cool- maybe I’ll have to borrow it from you! I miss going to concerts- another downside to rural living…

  2. Come to the concert on the 9th… I’ll send you more info about it when I get it…

  3. And you’re definitely welcome to borrow the DVD sometime! 😀

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