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Today in church… 3 February 2008

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we sang a song set to the tune of “It’s a Small World.” 

It took *every* ounce of my self-control for me to not burst out laughing during the song…  *TOO* funny!


10 Responses to “Today in church…”

  1. Linda Morrow Says:

    Thanks for coming by. Hope you have had a good year. I am still having a lot of fun with xanga.

    Are you out of the cave?

  2. Nope… And I learned today that I won’t be moving until the beginning of March b/c the gals who are going to be working from home have to wait until we get some call center software set up properly… Apparently the call center software company said that their software did what we wante dit to do when it turns out that it doesn’t… What a pain, eh?

  3. Suezque Says:

    I’ve had days like that! 🙂 My husband did such a good job of picking songs Sunday morning, I was in tears… (good tears 🙂

  4. Laura Says:

    Oh how funny…could you call and sing it to me sometime? It sounds so inspirational. Hey, good job not laughing in the middle of it.

  5. Laura Says:

    Oh and thanks, because now I have It’s a Small World After All going round and round in my head….and round….

  6. “Oh and thanks, because now I have It’s a Small World After All going round and round in my head….and round….”

    *laughs* That was the real intention of my post, you know! 😛

  7. Chelf Says:

    OK, now I am curious. Do you have a title for the song? A book and the page number? I want to find it, and request it at church! (I am not joking as much as you might think.) There is one song that makes me think of a calliope in a marching band, oompa and polka style. And there is the one I LOVE that is to the tune of Danny Boy.

  8. I think the name of the song is “Jesus is Lord of us All,” and it’s in “Songs of the Church,” edited by Alton H. Howard (I think). It’s not a book I have handy, so I can’t give you a number. We sang this at a church I visited last weekend, and they have the same book as what my church back home in MO uses. Write me at lauralje [at] yahoo [dot] com, and I’ll send you the lyrics, I already hunted them down for Laura. 😀

    P.S. What song makes you think of Danny Boy?

  9. Chelf Says:

    OK, I found the one you listed. “Jesus Is Lord Of Us All”, it is in the back of the book, with lyrics, but no notes. My dad used to sing that one… I know it must be in an older book. (research! I am gong to find it again.) We had the Songs of The Church book, in Maroon, and dad got the tape set that was available, to learn the songs that only had lyrics in the back of the book. It isn’t in the book my church uses… but that is cute.

    The one to to tune of Danny Boy is called “I Love Thee So”. It was in the old Sacred Selections songbook… usually churches had the nasty gold ones. It is reprinted in the Praise for the Lord book, edited by John P. Wiegand, that our church now uses, #265. One of my short list of all-time favorites. I can email you the lyrics, or maybe I can actually get my scanner working, and send you a copy of the page from the book. It is truly beautiful. I just wish now I had the words to Danny Boy. I can find those on the net, I am sure.

  10. We have the newer version of that book, that does have the notes. Back when i was a kid, we used Sacred Selections (ours were maroon :-D). I actually have a copy at home b/c my dad is one of our main song leaders, and over the years, we “inherited” several copies as dad woudl take them home and forget to return them to the building. I’ll look it up when I get home (I’m house-sitting). Have you tried googling the lyrics to Danny Boy?

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