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The Truth Revealed, Part I… 9 March 2008

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So…  A couple weeks ago I posted a list of seven items, three truths and four lies, and asked for y’all to vote on which ones you thought were/weren’t true.  My intention was to leave the post up for a week and then post an answer a day starting last Sunday.  However, the weather (which kept me in MO an extra day) and the flu bug (take two) had other ideas…  Camille has been kind enough to continue bugging me about posting the answers, so here goes…  I will post one answer/story for five days (today – Thurs) and will post the final two answers/stories on Friday.  One whole week of blogging from me – don’t you feel special?

1. Ten friends and I were kicked out of McDonald’s because our straw-flicking contest was frightening the other patrons.

Status: TRUE

My freshman year at Harding, the marching band was invited to Dallas, TX, to perform at the dedication ceremony for a new gymnasium at Dallas Christian Schools.  Early Friday morning (Halloween), we loaded into two chartered busses and set out for the six to seven-ish hour trip from Searcy to Dallas.  We were especially excited to discover that the chartered busses we were taking were equipped with VHS/video sysems and we would be able to watch movies, etc. during our trip.  I wound up on the bus led by our fearless director, Mr. Chance…  Mr. Chance’s idea of a great way to make use of the on-board video system was to watch recordings of old drum corp competitions.  Needless to say, by the time we reached Texarkana, AR/TX, our scheduled lunch stop, several of us were in an interesting mood… 

 The Mall in Texarkana has several restaurants, which made it an ideal stop for two bus-loads of college students to grab lunch fairly quickly.  The group I wound up eating with chose to eat at McDonald’s.  One thing that I should note.  The McD’s at this particular mall wasn’t a food court-type McD’s, but an actual restaurant attached to the mall.  Anyway…  The bunch of us who chose to eat at McD’s (I’m estimating there were about ten of us) got our food and sat down in one section of the restaurant.  Most of us had finished eating, and were just sitting around killing some time while the others finished, when someone got the bright idea that we should have a straw popping contest to see who could make the loudest pop. 

Most of you likely know what straw popping is, but I feel the need to include an explanation for the few who are unfamiliar with the process.  Straw-popping is a team sport.  One person pinches each end of a straw, then rolls the straw up – end over end – trapping air inside the straw.  Once the straw is rolled tightly, the second person flicks the middle of the straw, causng the plastic to burst, and the escaping air causes a loud pop. 

Well, when you have a group of ten folks, that breaks down to five “teams” of straw poppers.  And when you’ve got five sets of straws being popped at once, well, that makes for quite a racket.  So much of a racket, that only a few minutes into our little contest, the manager of that partcular McDonald’s restaurant approached our group, and informed us that we needed to leave the restaurant as our game was frightening the other patrons, who thought the straw popping sounded like gunfire.

Congratulations to Char, David, Camille, Megan, Laura, and Chelf, for getting this answer correct.  😀


6 Responses to “The Truth Revealed, Part I…”

  1. Suezque Says:

    Hah! I kinda though this was a true one! 🙂 I just never got around to actually posting my choices… 😦 sorry..

  2. I haven’t posted the answers to the other questions, yet, you could still go vote… *hint*hint*

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  4. Fun! I’ll look forward to seeing if I got the rest correct or not!! And, maybe I shouldn’t teach my boys that straw popping thing?!

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  6. Chelf Says:

    Yay me! I thought that one sounded fun, and like something I would have done…

    one down. How many more did I get right? I read on…

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