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The Truth Revealed, Part IV… 12 March 2008

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Fourth in this week’s “fact or fiction” series… I am posting one answer/story for five days (Sun – Thurs) and will post the final two answers/stories on Friday. One whole week of blogging from me – don’t you feel special? You can find the original post here, I’ve also included links to Part I and Part II, and Part III

4. While driving through Kansas late one night (I know I have a lot of “late one night” stories, but I’m a night owl, what do you expect?), I happened through a speed trap operated by the county sheriff’s department, was stopped for absolutely no reason, and received a ticket for “failure to monitor.”

Status: FALSE

Though almost true…  One night about 9pm, I was driving through Kansas on I-70, somewhere between Salina and Topeka, on my way home to Missouri to visit the family.  As I was driving, I noticed red and blue flashing lights ahead, and slowed down to the speed limit (I had been going eight over).  As I passed the first officer who had someone stopped, I signaled and pulled into the left lane.  I remained in the left lane as I passed a second, third, and then fourth police cruiser…  All with lights flashing…  All with someone stopped…

 “Self,” I said, “the local sheriff’s deputies seem to be awfully bored tonight, you’d better be on your best behavior…”

A few moments later, I noticed red and blue flashing lights in my rear-view mirror.  I signaled, slowed, and pulled to the shoulder of the interstate.  While waiting for the officer to approach, I readied my license, proof of insurance, and registration.  A couple minutes after I was stopped, the officer approached my car, and asked me the usual questions…  How I was doing, where I was headed, etc.  Then he took the paraphernalia I had gathered, and went back to do his “thing.” 

I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong, because I had been on my best driving behavior once I realized I was passing through a routine traffic stop area, but getting stopped is always a bit nerve wracking.  Especially the waiting… 

 After what seemed like a good ten minutes, though it was probably closer to two, the officer returned holding the dreaded slip of paper…  “I’m going to let you go with a warning (note: not a ticket), he said.”  Even though he never told me why I’d been stopped in the first place…  I thanked him, playing Ms. Polite Driver, and began to ready myself to pull back onto the interstate from the shoulder.  The officer was ready before I was and pulled back onto the highway just in time to stop the next car that passed him (I promise – he didn’t even get up to the speed limit before he stopped that car). 

When I finally got to MO, I told the family about how I was stopped in KS for no reason, and we had a good laugh about it.  They asked what I had been warned for, and I said I didn’t know b/c I wasn’t told…  So, we pulled out the dreaded slip of paper, and noticed that in the comments section the officer had written “failure to monitor.” 

Monitor what?  Your guess is as good as mine… 

Congratulations to Boone, David, and Megan for correctly identifying item four as false. 😀


3 Responses to “The Truth Revealed, Part IV…”

  1. Well, missy…I hope you learned your lesson and have been monitoring since that fateful night. I know I always make sure I’m monitoring because I would hate to fail to monitor. Monitoring is really important…especially between Salina and Topeka. I wonder if the car he stopped after you was also failing to monitor.

  2. Chelf Says:

    Failure to Monitor was likely HIS issue, not yours. He just felt like he hadn’t monitored enough cars on the highway. I wonder if you didn’t slow enough, even though you pulled to the far lane to avoid hitting anyone.

    Hmph. I think this is a ploy. You got a piece of paper, warning or not. Challenge! 🙂

  3. I got the piece of paper, but I didn’t have to pay anything, nor did I have to appear in court…

    Challenge denied.

    The end.

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