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The Truth Revealed, Part V… 13 March 2008

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Another day, another reveal… In case you’re just joining this program…  A couple weeks ago I posted seven items, three were true, four were lies, and challenged my readers to guess which was which.  This week, I’ve been posting one answer/story for five days (Sun – today) and will post the final two answers/stories on tomorrow. You can find the original post here, I’ve also included links to Parts III, III, & IV

5. A friend and I once drove around the “ghetto” of Montgomery, AL, on a Saturday night in a purple PT cruiser with lavender and fuchsia flames painted on the side.

Status:  TRUE

In August 3, 2002, my friend Leigh Ann got married, and I was in the wedding.  LeighAnn had picked me up at the airport in Montgomery on the Wednesday before the wedding, but she, of course, wasn’t able to take me back to the airport.  Instead, that job fell to our friend Mark who had flown in from Tennessee for the shindig. 

Mark was supposed to have arrived on Friday night, but his first flight was delayed due to some bad weather, so he missed his connecting flight which, of course, was the last flight to Montgomery for the evening.  The airline was able to get Mark on the first flight out on Saturday morning, but when he arrived in Montgomery, the car rental agency had no record of his reservation AND no available cars.  Nice, eh?  Well, Mark went to a couple other rental counters and finally found an available car.  But this wasn’t just a normal ‘ol rental car…  No siree…  This was a metallic purple PT Cruiser (remember – this was in 2002 just after they came out) with lavender and fuchsia flames stenciled on the sides.  Check out the pictures below…

The PT Cruiser – I wish I’d been able to get a better shot of the flames painted on the sides, but you get the general idea…

Mark with the PT Cruiser
mark with ptcruiser

Me with the PT Cruiser – notice I’m holding the keys in my right hand…
laura with ptcruiser

So…  Now that I’ve explained how we wound up in such an ostentatious car, you’re probably wondering what we were doing driving around the ghetto of Montgomery, AL, late on a Saturday night…

Well…  Mark and I had pre-arranged our flights so that they left within something like 45 min of each other on Sunday afternoon.  We had initially planned to stay in Opp (Leigh Ann’s hometown) on Saturday night and then head back to Montgomery on Sunday morning, but Mark decided that he’d rather go to Montgomery on Saturday night so we’d already be in town for our flights, and so we’d be able to attend worship services on Sunday morning.  We stuck around after the wedding helping wrap up loose ends, then had to change clothes, pack up (well, I had to pack – Mark had never had a chance to unpack), and say our goodbyes…  It was probably 9pm before we even got on the road, and it was a two-ish hour drive back to Montgomery. 

 Having not seen each other in close to two years, Mark and I had plenty of catching up to do, and the two hour drive back to Montgomery passed quickly.  So quickly, in fact, that when we reached town and the road that we were supposed to take to get to the part of town we were planning to stay in, we didn’t realize that we were there until it was too late to turn.  So, we had to continue on the road we were already on until we found a place to turn around.  And, well, it turned out that the part of town we were in had seen its better days.  Luckily, we found a gas station to turn around in pretty quickly so we didn’t drive very deep into the ghetto.

However, the gas station where we turned around just happened to be the local, Saturday night hang-out for folks who liked to show off their “pimped rides.”  You know what I mean…  Fancy paint jobs, gold rims, names stenciled on the windows, low Low LOW riders…  Yeah…  *those* kinds of cars.  And here we were two “preppy” white folk, from out of town, semi-lost, driving through the gas station parking lot in a metallic purple PT Cruiser with lavender and fuchsia flames stenciled on the sides.  You should’ve seen the looks we were getting…  I just had to laugh at the absurdity of it all – it makes me laugh, even now, to think about it… 

Mark, ever the attentive driver, was focused on getting us back to where we needed to be and was oblivious to the looks we were getting.  So when I started laughing, he was confused and asked what was so funny, so I had to explain…

“Think about it, Mark…  You’re a white boy…  We’re in the *ghetto* of Montgomery, AL…  And we’re driving past all these souped up, pimped out rides in a *metallic purple* PT Cruiser with *lavender and fuchsia flames* stenciled on the sides…  You should see the looks we’re getting…”

As I finished my explanation you could see the light bulb turn on in Mark’s head as he realized the absurdity of the situation and joined in my laughter…  FUN times!  

Congratulations to Stephanie, Boone, David, and Megan for correctly predicting that item five was true.  😀


3 Responses to “The Truth Revealed, Part V…”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Darn it! I would have gotten this right if I checked my email a little more often! I also remember driving this little contraption. It seems even more ridiculous now!

  2. Chelf Says:

    PT’s are not the most comfortable cars. But, hey, if you got a laugh out of it… that was worth the price to rent it, I guess.

  3. Oh, I haven’t even begun to tell “the rest of the story” about how it took us something like two and a half hours to find a hotel with available rooms due to some event that was in town that weekend…

    I still can’t believe that this was a rental car…

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