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A prayer request… 14 March 2008

Filed under: Prayer Requests — laughinglaura @ 22:25

I want to apologize for not finishing up my series…  Some stuff – good and bad – has been going on at work and I haven’t had the time/gumption.  I’ll try to get finished up by the end of the weekend, but I’m not making any promises.  I’m absolutely NOT in a storytelling mood…

I don’t really want to say much else about it at the moment…  Please just pray that I’ll have peace about the whole situation and for me to trust God to work everything out in His time.  Thanks.


3 Responses to “A prayer request…”

  1. Suezque Says:

    Hope the weekend gave you some time to reflect and pray, and hope you are more at peace to start a new week. 🙂 Praying for you!!! Love ya’!

  2. Thanks 😀 Today wasn’t such a bad day… I’ll have to give you a call and tell you all about it. It is really just an absolutely absurd situation.

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