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A Fun “contest”… 2 June 2008

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Because I feel like all I’ve been posting lately is sad and depressing news, I’ve decided to do something fun…

The sign below is on Colorado Highway 24 between Colorado Springs and Limon.

To enter the contest, post a caption (or several) for the sign.  I’ll read through all of your comments and declare a winner on June 18, 2008.  (Which happens to be my baby sister’s birthday, so if you’re anywhere near Springfield, MO on or around then, consider yourself warned).  The prize for the best caption will be determined at a later date, but I promise it’ll be something good…  I’m thinking a batch of “world’s greatest cookies.”  What are these, you ask?  Well…  You’ll just have to wait and see, but I *promise* they’re delish! 

Without further ado…  The photo I know you’ll come up with tons of funny captions for  🙂




7 Responses to “A Fun “contest”…”

  1. Rhiannon Says:

    Too fun! I’m game:

    Warning: mothers in law in the area.

    Use elbows to block curvy lines.

    Now entering the iPod zone.

  2. I LOVE it!! Let’s see…

    (Okay…why can I not think of a good one? I’m coming up with lots of cheesy ones…)

    How about:

    Sweaty Work Zone…Beware of B.O.

    (that was terrible)

    I’ll try to think of a less disgusting one and come back later… 🙂

  3. Audreya Says:

    I think it is saying to protect your head from the alien radar beams projected in the area!

    The figure in the picture is clearly pulling some sort of shielding device on his head (like in Signs)!

  4. Audreya Says:

    It also could be
    “Warning: The people in the blue house play really bad music!”


    “Caution: Spontaneous growth of wings has been reported in this area”

  5. Chelf Says:

    You know those signs that say “Deaf Children At Play”? This one should say “Noisy Children At Odds”.

    “Crumbing-Mom-Nerves Zone Ahead, Proceed With Extreme Caution!!!”

    And for the Titanic fan in me: “Migraine, Right Ahead!!!”

  6. Chelf Says:

    So, did you forget your own contest? I just wondered who won. I haven’t thought of any other ideas.

    But I wish to know what the cookies are like. Recipe if I don’t win? Recipe if I DO win? Please?!?

    Hope you are having a good week.

  7. I forgot to post… Rhi won with the MIL comment… They were all good, though!

    I can send you a recipe for the cookies.

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