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Thanks… 2 June 2008

Filed under: News,Prayer Requests — laughinglaura @ 22:46

Thanks to everyone who commented, emailed, called, sent cards, and especially prayed for my family this past week.  I really appreciate it.  I was able to take off work last week and attend the funeral in KS, which helped a lot – especially being around family.  As an added bonus, I was able to stay the night with one of my cousins on the other side of the family who I’ve not seen in four years, and got to meet her husband and little girl for the first time.  Her husband was in the ARMY and was deployed the last few times I saw her, and she was pregnant with her daughter the last I saw her. 

It’s still hard to believe that they’re gone, and I know it will feel that way for quite a while.  Please continue to pray for the Whitlow and Hollingsworth families at this time.  There is a memorial service in Pueblo this Friday.


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