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??? 4 June 2008

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So…  I saw on TV last night an advertisement for our local Cinco de Mayo festival, that is to be held on June 8th…  The first three times I read it, I was convinced that my mind was playing tricks on me, but the fourth time through, I realized that it was so very real…  I’m still scratching my head as it makes absolutely NO sense to me, but c’est la vie.  At least it gave me a chuckle.  😀


3 Responses to “???”

  1. HILARIOUS!!! Silly Americans… 🙂

  2. Chelf Says:

    Hey, I could celebrate my Birthday again!

    I already get September 16 (the actual Independence Day that May 5th is errantly mistaken for) also, so what is wrong with adding June 8th? I also have August 4 as my Christian Birthday.

    Have you ever heard the bit by Cheech and Chong? So funny! “What is today?” The Fifth of May. That doesn’t sound good. We need a better name for our drinking holiday. How do you say that in Spanish? “Cinco De Mayo.”

    Oh, yeah that is the way to name a holiday.

    A very merry Un-birthday to you!

  3. Marie Says:

    Well since I’m hispanic I can say, it’s just another excuse for a party! And who says it has to make sense to have a party!

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