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Random Search Terms, Volume 8.0 9 June 2008

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Well, it’s been a while since I posted one of these, so here are a few to tide you over while I work on coming up with snarky commentary for the rest of the search terms I’ve been collecting…

  • random funny stuff – you came to the right place!
  • copper colored vests – whatever you do, don’t pair this with a lime-green tie!
  • recent cow stories – unfortunately, most of my cow stories aren’t all that recent seeing as I no longer live on a farm…
  • straw popping – if you plan on trying this, I suggest you avoid McDonald’s
  • fun stuff to do on a boring Saturday night – you can read my blog, that should entertain you for at least a few minutes…
  • painted red toenails ,next we shaved his – I’m not sure I want to know what was shaved…
  • fun dates in ma – I’ve never been to Massachusetts, but if I ever go on a date there, I’ll be sure to blog about it…
  • one dollarbill back – can you not get one out of your wallet to look?

2 Responses to “Random Search Terms, Volume 8.0”

  1. Marie Says:

    I’m with you on the shaving, that’s actually a search? And now to defend the dollar bill, not everyone carries cash anymore!

  2. Yeah, it was actually a search… EXCEPT… I think wordpress trunctuates the search terms when the reach a certain number of characters b/c I have seen some long searches with the last word being cut off halfway through…

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