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Another update… 27 July 2008

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We had a doctor’s appointment this week…  Megan is doing well.  She had her staples removed, we learned that her tumor was “very interesting” in that it presented as one type on the MRI, appeared to be a second type when they actually got to the tumor during surgery, and then the pathology reports showed that it was, indeed, the first type they suspected.  The PA said they had already discussed her case twice in the two weeks following the surgery, and they planned to discuss it again that afternoon.  Who knows?  Maybe she’ll wind up getting written up in a medical journal or something.

Anyway, as many of you are likely wondering, the tumor is grade II (this particular type of tumor does not exist as grade I) and is considered to be benign.  The plan to monitor things for 3-4 months through MRIs, and see how things progress.  Based on the results of the MRIs, they will make a decision whether/not to pursue radiation. 

Thanks for your continued prayers!


Update on my sister… 8 July 2008

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Some of you probably know and some of you probably don’t know…  My sister had been having trouble with numbness, tingling, and loss of strength in her left hand since March 2007.  She went to the doctor, they suspected it was a pinched nerve, and prescribed PT and steroids…  Things continued to get worse, and she asked for an MRI.  The doctor didn’t want her to have, thinking it was unnecessary, and she finally went to a 2nd doc who agreed that an MRI was a good idea. 

The MRI showed a tumor in her spinal cord, and since late-May, we’ve been meeting with doctors, having more MRIs and waiting for surgery (which was yesterday – Monday). It’s been a really stressful couple months for everyone in my family.  Anyway…  This is the update I posted over on her facebook account.

Megan’s surgery went really well – it only took five hours rather than the eight they were expecting it to take. The tumor was most likely not of the type they initially expected it to be. They were unable to remove all of the tumor, but they got everything that was visibly abnormal. Because they couldn’t remove everything, she may require radiation, but they will hold off on making that decision until the pathology report comes back – probably Friday or Saturday. The surgeon was very pleased with the results of the surgery, and very positive about her long-term prognosis.

I was at the hospital this morning before I came into work, and Megan was doing very well. She was sitting up in bed, and was feeling really well. She had soreness in her neck and back, some swelling in her face and hands, and she still had some numbness in her left hand, though it was a different sensation than before the surgery. It’s too soon to know whether/not the numbness will be reversible through physical therapy.

Before I left this morning, she was able to take a couple laps up and down the hall with her nurse. She wanted to keep going, but didn’t want to wear herself out too much. She had been given the go-ahead to walk as much as she wanted, but she was planning to take it easy and go a couple laps every 30 mins, or so. I talked to her this evening and she said she did quite a bit of walking today and felt really good.

She had an MRI this morning, but when I left the doctor hadn’t been by to review the results with her. I forgot to ask this evening what the results of the MRI were. I will try to update on that in the next couple days.

She was moved to a regular room this afternoon. The doctor left instructions to start weaning her off her medications tomorrow – a steroid for the swelling and a pain medication. Depending on how well she handles the reduction in her medications, she could go home as early as Thursday afternoon.

Overall, things are looking VERY positive. Her motor function is much more advanced than they expected and her doctor is very positive about her long-term prognosis.

Megan wanted me to make sure everyone knows how much she appreciates all of their prayers and support. She attributes the success of her surgery to God and the power of many, many, many prayers.

The hospital allows cell phones (unlike some) so you are welcome to give her a call on her phone. She does ask that people to wait until Wednesday to call so that she has a little bit more time to rest.

Again, thanks to all of your for your prayers and support. We all really appreciate it!