Almost Never Boring…

and often easily amused

About Me… 5 April 2007

* I spent a summer in Yellowstone National Park babysitting drunk 40 year-olds.
* I can sing in approximately a dozen languages (as well as two or three nonsense “languages”).
* I am the “world’s meanest, evilest” babysitter.
* I occasionally get in the mood for a drive and purposely get lost to explore new routes home.
* I have performed in eight countries on three continents, and for audiences as large as 4200 people, including Mikhail Gorbachev, Colin Powell, and Lech Walesa.
* I can’t curl my tongue.
* When I was four, I had an “identical twin” who appeared in print ads for Pop-Ice.
* I can recite the alphabet backwards in under three seconds.
* I learned the hard way that one should never “weave on the on-ramp” when in Memphis.
* I have driven snow machines and watched the Aurora in Alaska.
* I have never broken a bone or been a patient in a hospital (other than when I was born).
* I can write my name backwards both left- and right-handed.
* I have viewed Rome from the top of St. Peter’s Basilica climbing 400 stairs to get there.
* I have popped a wheelie while driving a tractor, though I wouldn’t recommend trying it yourself.
* I once made 700 chocolate chip cookies in one day.
* I pick up accents easily and often will change my accent to match that of the person who I’m talking to without realizing that I’ve done so.
* My dad used to work for Brad Pitt’s brother, but I’ve never met Brad Pitt.
*If you’re still reading this, you’re either quite fascinated or insanely bored.
* I am a travel junkie and am prone to taking spur of the moment trips to wherever I can find a cheap plane ticket.
* I love playing racquetball and ultimate frisbee (preferably by Yellowstone Rules).
* I have visited 38 states and seven foreign countries.
* My eyes are burnt-orange and green and have been described as “camouflage.”
* My nicknames include sunshine, LJ, grammar nazi, and mom.
* I once caused a cow to sommersault head over heels.
* I have a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor, but also enjoy playing practical jokes on unsuspecting friends (and occasionally unsuspecting tourists).
* My friends tell me I give great advice and I was once described as “better than Oprah and Dr.Phil rolled into one.”


One Response to “About Me…”

  1. Josh Says:


    I think your blog is rad. I see you’re a big Far Side fan; I am as well. Have you ever read Cyanide and Happiness comics? They’re edgier than FS, but just as funny (if not funnier). So I love the way your blog looks. Is that a WordPress template, or did you make that? I run off and they don’t have anything like this. Anyway…if you get a chance, visit me at or Later

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