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Update on my sister… 8 July 2008

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Some of you probably know and some of you probably don’t know…  My sister had been having trouble with numbness, tingling, and loss of strength in her left hand since March 2007.  She went to the doctor, they suspected it was a pinched nerve, and prescribed PT and steroids…  Things continued to get worse, and she asked for an MRI.  The doctor didn’t want her to have, thinking it was unnecessary, and she finally went to a 2nd doc who agreed that an MRI was a good idea. 

The MRI showed a tumor in her spinal cord, and since late-May, we’ve been meeting with doctors, having more MRIs and waiting for surgery (which was yesterday – Monday). It’s been a really stressful couple months for everyone in my family.  Anyway…  This is the update I posted over on her facebook account.

Megan’s surgery went really well – it only took five hours rather than the eight they were expecting it to take. The tumor was most likely not of the type they initially expected it to be. They were unable to remove all of the tumor, but they got everything that was visibly abnormal. Because they couldn’t remove everything, she may require radiation, but they will hold off on making that decision until the pathology report comes back – probably Friday or Saturday. The surgeon was very pleased with the results of the surgery, and very positive about her long-term prognosis.

I was at the hospital this morning before I came into work, and Megan was doing very well. She was sitting up in bed, and was feeling really well. She had soreness in her neck and back, some swelling in her face and hands, and she still had some numbness in her left hand, though it was a different sensation than before the surgery. It’s too soon to know whether/not the numbness will be reversible through physical therapy.

Before I left this morning, she was able to take a couple laps up and down the hall with her nurse. She wanted to keep going, but didn’t want to wear herself out too much. She had been given the go-ahead to walk as much as she wanted, but she was planning to take it easy and go a couple laps every 30 mins, or so. I talked to her this evening and she said she did quite a bit of walking today and felt really good.

She had an MRI this morning, but when I left the doctor hadn’t been by to review the results with her. I forgot to ask this evening what the results of the MRI were. I will try to update on that in the next couple days.

She was moved to a regular room this afternoon. The doctor left instructions to start weaning her off her medications tomorrow – a steroid for the swelling and a pain medication. Depending on how well she handles the reduction in her medications, she could go home as early as Thursday afternoon.

Overall, things are looking VERY positive. Her motor function is much more advanced than they expected and her doctor is very positive about her long-term prognosis.

Megan wanted me to make sure everyone knows how much she appreciates all of their prayers and support. She attributes the success of her surgery to God and the power of many, many, many prayers.

The hospital allows cell phones (unlike some) so you are welcome to give her a call on her phone. She does ask that people to wait until Wednesday to call so that she has a little bit more time to rest.

Again, thanks to all of your for your prayers and support. We all really appreciate it!


Thanks… 2 June 2008

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Thanks to everyone who commented, emailed, called, sent cards, and especially prayed for my family this past week.  I really appreciate it.  I was able to take off work last week and attend the funeral in KS, which helped a lot – especially being around family.  As an added bonus, I was able to stay the night with one of my cousins on the other side of the family who I’ve not seen in four years, and got to meet her husband and little girl for the first time.  Her husband was in the ARMY and was deployed the last few times I saw her, and she was pregnant with her daughter the last I saw her. 

It’s still hard to believe that they’re gone, and I know it will feel that way for quite a while.  Please continue to pray for the Whitlow and Hollingsworth families at this time.  There is a memorial service in Pueblo this Friday.


It’s still not real… 26 May 2008

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I know, I’ve not posted in a while…  I’ll explain later on…  Right now I want to ask you to please pray for the Whitlow and Hollingsworth families. 

My cousin Gary and his wife Kim were tragically killed by a tornado late this past Friday night on their way to visit Gary’s family for the holiday weekend, and to meet their new baby nephew. News stories here, here, here, and here.   I still can’t believe it’s true.  I don’t *want* to believe it’s true.  Honestly, I’ve waited so long to even post anything b/c actually writing all this out makes it more real than I want it to be.

Gary and I weren’t close when we were growing up – he’s a boy, he’s four years older than I, and I only saw him once or twice a year – but after I moved here to CO, we started seeing each other more often.  Then Gary and Kim started dating, and later married, and we saw each other even more because Kim and I quickly became friends.  Over the past four years I’ve spent more time with and have become closer to them than I am with some of my cousins who I saw nearly every day when we were growing up.  Funny how that happens, sometimes, isn’t it?

The following is a slightly modified verstion of a poem I wrote a few years ago when a friend from college died tragically and unexpectedly.  The same thoughts have been swirling through my head these past few days… 

When I first heard the awful news:
G and K had passed away
I didn’t know just what to think,
or even what to say.

And as I lay here, trying to sleep,
I just keep asking, “why?”
Why did this have to happen?
Why did they have to die?

Why did God have to take our friends?
They were so very young.
It seemed, to us, as though their lives
Had only just begun.

But Our Lord has a master plan,
And works in His own time.
And although I would like it to be,
It’s not the same as mine.

We find comfort knowing that
Strong, Christian lives they led.
Because of this, as we all know,
The best still lies ahead.


A bit of good news… 24 January 2008

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As some of you know, a couple weeks ago I was forced to move away from my beloved window, to a temporary location for about a week and a half, b/c my supervisor wanted one of our new hires (she was hired after temping for several months) to feel like a permanent part of our team.  Then on Tuesday, I had to move again to a “nice, private, more of an office, less of a cube-type area” (as so-described by my supervisor), because my temporary office was needed for another new hire…  However, this new area does not have a window.  Furthermore, it has three walls that are all a weird, mustard-y brown color, and the area is about 7′ by 10′.  Prior to my moving to this area, it was used for storage and file cabinets.  I call it “the cave.”  Not only is it window-less and cave-like, but I am also isolated from all of my co-workers…  Additionally, everyone who has come over to see my new diggs have incredulously asked “this is your new area????”  They have all been sympathetic, and one gal who saw it for the first time today told me she would pray for me that I wouldn’t be too depressed by being there.  No, really, she did…  I promise I’m not making it up.

Obviously I am less than thrilled about working in the cave, and most of the folks in the office know this – they’ve asked, and I’ve answered honestly.  But, I’ve been trying to make the best of it, and my super has been pretty accommodating about finding a few of the extra furnishings that I’ve requested – a table for extra workspace, a bulletin board to post my calendar and other notes, etc. 

 Today, however, my super’s assistant asked if she could talk to me for a few moments…  She told me that she just wanted to make sure I know that I am a very vital piece of our team, and she wants to make sure that I’m happy.   She knows how unhappy I am in the cave, and told me not to get too settled in because I’ll be moving yet *again*…  My new cube is being vacated b/c a couple of gals from the office are switching to work from home FT.  And one of the gals who will be working from home has a cube that’s next to a window.  HOORAY!  The view from her window isn’t as good as the view from “my window” but it’s a million times better than “the cave.”  I have to keep things on the down-low for a few weeks, but at least I know there is light (literally) at the end of the (figurative) tunnel.  😀

 The frustrating thing about all of this, though, is that if I could’ve just waited a week to move the first time (a point I was unable to argue with my supervisor b/c he left on vacation having told everyone involved about the move, except for yours truly), I wouldn’t have had to move at all b/c the gal who moved to my desk could have, instead, moved to the desk of the gal who was fired last week…  Everyone involved knows that this would have been the best plan of all, but once the serial moves began, there was no stopping them…  *sigh*  I have a picture of the view from “my window” but I think I’m going to wait to post it until I also have a photo of “the cave.”


I’m so excited… 21 January 2008

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Some of you may remember the youtube video I posted last month  of the Twelve days of Christmas, sung by Straight No Chaser…  Well, last night I ordered the DVD of the full performance which the song is from.  It’s on backorder, and won’t arrive until mid-February, but I’m totally looking forward to its arrival!  😀 

 I also found out that they are doing a performance in Denver next month and I’m going to try to snag a ticket.  Unfortunately, the original members (featured in the video) are no longer performing with the group, but I still think it’d be lots of fun. 


Stupid snow… 7 January 2008

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I left work at 5:02pm, this afternoon, but didn’t arrive home until 7:06pm.  It took me two tries to get into the driveway to park my car.  The first try, I slid past the drive as I tried to turn in (I live on a hill) and so I had to go around the block and try again b/c backing up was out of the question. 

 Stupid snow made me miss the first quarter of the LSU-OSU game.  I turned the TV on just in time to see the extra point that tied the game at 10.  Once I started watching the game, though, my winning karma kicked in, and LSU quickly took control of the game and never looked back.  GO TIGERS!


I love my new shoes! 2 December 2007

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Aren’t they cute?