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Another update… 27 July 2008

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We had a doctor’s appointment this week…  Megan is doing well.  She had her staples removed, we learned that her tumor was “very interesting” in that it presented as one type on the MRI, appeared to be a second type when they actually got to the tumor during surgery, and then the pathology reports showed that it was, indeed, the first type they suspected.  The PA said they had already discussed her case twice in the two weeks following the surgery, and they planned to discuss it again that afternoon.  Who knows?  Maybe she’ll wind up getting written up in a medical journal or something.

Anyway, as many of you are likely wondering, the tumor is grade II (this particular type of tumor does not exist as grade I) and is considered to be benign.  The plan to monitor things for 3-4 months through MRIs, and see how things progress.  Based on the results of the MRIs, they will make a decision whether/not to pursue radiation. 

Thanks for your continued prayers!


A Fun “contest”… 2 June 2008

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Because I feel like all I’ve been posting lately is sad and depressing news, I’ve decided to do something fun…

The sign below is on Colorado Highway 24 between Colorado Springs and Limon.

To enter the contest, post a caption (or several) for the sign.  I’ll read through all of your comments and declare a winner on June 18, 2008.  (Which happens to be my baby sister’s birthday, so if you’re anywhere near Springfield, MO on or around then, consider yourself warned).  The prize for the best caption will be determined at a later date, but I promise it’ll be something good…  I’m thinking a batch of “world’s greatest cookies.”  What are these, you ask?  Well…  You’ll just have to wait and see, but I *promise* they’re delish! 

Without further ado…  The photo I know you’ll come up with tons of funny captions for  🙂




GRRR… 9 January 2008

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I really, Really hate it when other people waste my time…


I love my new shoes! 2 December 2007

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Aren’t they cute?



Randomness… 10 November 2007

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So… I apparently have an uncanny knack for random run-ins…  A few weeks ago when I was in OK, I went to church with my friend Marty on Sunday morning.  While there, I ran into some friends who I used to attend church with here in CO who moved to AR about six months ago.  That’s right, I live in CO, they live in AR and we ran into each other in OK.  Small world…  Run-ins at church happen to me a lot, though…  I think a lot of it has to do with attending a private, Christian university

 HOWEVER, just this morning while at the airport checking in for my flight (I’m flying to Charleston, SC for work), I ran into some folks who I house-sit for.  What’s even funnier, I still had their key from when I house-sat for them a couple weeks ago, and they still owed me $$.  I had been trying to get in touch with them, but was unable to and they apparently never received my messages.  I was able to give them their key and they paid me for house-sitting.  How random!