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Too cute… 29 January 2007

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As you may or may not know, I like to wear fun stocking caps.  It’s cold here in Colorado, and I don’t like the hood on my jacket, so I wear them to stay warm, and often try to make sure they match my outfit.  I have a blue one with purple, green, and teal polka dots; a purple one with a wide fold up brim, and a teal cable-knit one with a large pompom on top, to name just a few. 

 Anyway (that’s my way of saying I’m getting to the point)…  Today I wore the polka dotted one to church and my friend Stefani commented on how she liked it.  Then she shared the following.  Stefani and her husband have three little girls – their middle one, Savannah, is almost three, and she’s a redheaded firecracker, absolutely adorable!  Last week, Savannah was walking around wearing a stocking cap and said look, Mom, I’m Laura!”  How CUTE!  😀

Another fun story involves the oldest daughter, Mia.  Not too long after I first moved to Colorado, I stopped by their house to visit for a few minutes.  Mia wanted to take my photo on their digital camera, so I hammed it up for her while she took several.   Stefani later related this story…  A few days after I visited, Mia (who was about three at the time) kept talking about her friend Laura.  Not making the connection, Stefani was confused about who Mia was talking about and asked, “which friend Laura?”  To which Mia replied, “You know, Laura, my other mom,” and pointed me out in the pictures on the computer.   Stefani and I share a birthday, and we also have similar personalities and apparently Mia picked up on it and related it as best she could. 

Those girls are so precious!


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